People In Hell Want Icewater
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About the title

and where it came from: -

My Uncle Charlie was something of a character. He (and not I) invented many of my favorite sayings. For instance, he used to say that "mixed emotions was watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff... in your new car."

Somewhere along in there, as a response to something one of his kids was whining about, a whine that started with "I waaaaannnt..." Charlie said, "people in Hell want icewater."

Meaning, tough shit, everybody wants something or other.

Not that Charlie didn't have an even-less-politically-correct side... a native of Chicago, he used to refer to the rush hour traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway as "The Afro 500."

Charlie died of complications related to his diabetes in 1995, when we was barely 58 years old. I probably miss him more than any of my other relatives. He had a lot of hopes for me, I think. I wonder what he'd think of my use of his quote as a title for this website.

He'd probably laugh.

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