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Older entries:

October 11, 2011Yoink!
March 09, 2010-
February 21, 2009Just peeking in
September 03, 2008Looks like DL is dying out
June 24, 2008Yes, I talked some more
June 02, 2008OK, time to move on to the next stage
May 28, 2008Suckage
May 25, 2008Solvent for the old demons
May 23, 2008The plant pimp
May 20, 2008And now we're married
May 11, 2008Banishing it was easy
May 06, 2008Long-overdue update
April 21, 2008No fingerpainting
April 19, 2008A good disaster week
April 11, 2008That third entity in the relationship
April 10, 2008Hoooo....
April 08, 2008New pills
March 30, 2008Into the camp of the enemy
March 29, 2008Catch-up-op
March 20, 2008Sickness and worry
March 12, 2008Dreams and stuff
March 04, 2008Of sick cats and cool shoes
February 29, 2008Worry
February 24, 2008Not as sympathetic as I might be
February 18, 2008A warning about the intarwebs
February 16, 2008Dirty overload, a new phone, and maybe a new site
February 10, 2008Female ejaculation again
February 04, 2008Football and wabbits
January 29, 2008Paying it fast-forward
January 28, 2008Zevon and the truth about dreams
January 25, 2008No readjustment period
January 23, 2008Imagine it
January 17, 2008Lookit the SIZE of that thing!
January 14, 2008The successor
January 10, 2008Yet another reason
January 07, 2008Job rant
January 02, 2008Lose them all
December 30, 2007Vanished
December 26, 2007SantaGus
December 21, 2007You can turn the valve off now
December 18, 2007Memoriam
December 17, 2007Just a broken leg
December 16, 2007Thank you
December 12, 2007Anita's Book of Days goes dark
December 11, 2007Math genius steals my lunch
December 07, 2007Everything breaks
November 30, 2007Depressive pain in the ass job
November 24, 2007Merge
November 21, 2007Cat drugs and unpopular interface tricks
November 16, 2007The manual
November 13, 2007E-Shit (again)
November 12, 2007Cat poop and Christmas
November 09, 2007No redneck bus tours, either...
October 31, 2007Fastest
October 28, 2007Blind
October 24, 2007Just stay where you are
October 22, 2007Things are devolving
October 20, 2007A full-on rant about Suzanne
October 15, 2007Eleven days
October 04, 2007His complete dildishness
September 28, 2007I wish
September 26, 2007Hearing that jingle
September 20, 2007The last day
September 17, 2007The fair
September 10, 2007Old fuck
September 04, 2007The relative importance of things
September 01, 2007Things that bug the shit out of me
August 30, 2007The chance to reinvent yourself
August 26, 2007And so it's done
August 20, 2007More about my father
August 18, 2007My father is ill
August 17, 2007A show for you to see
August 13, 2007She wore me out again
August 09, 2007What to worry about, and what not to
August 07, 2007The Fish Film lives and breathes again!
August 06, 2007The giant wabbit is here!
July 29, 2007We can has kitten!
July 24, 2007Some new language needed
July 21, 2007Learning and worrying
July 18, 2007Where we've been
July 09, 2007E-Shit, round IV
July 05, 2007Irony
July 02, 2007Good to be me
June 26, 2007Need your input
June 26, 2007Catching up
June 19, 2007Audrey is gone
June 10, 2007Small details are important
June 08, 2007Sad about being right
June 02, 2007There will be more
June 01, 2007Cheap fuel and cheap goddamn electronics!
May 29, 2007Spatial memory
May 28, 2007A guest
May 28, 2007Loss
May 27, 2007Just call me Fred
May 26, 2007Our Flemish overlords
May 24, 2007More video goodness
May 22, 2007Online dating, after a year on the outside
May 20, 2007Incredible size and incredible mileage
May 20, 2007Flaming about marketing
May 18, 2007Rattling sound is normal!
May 16, 2007Taxes, fees and dealer prep
May 15, 2007How we livin'
May 13, 2007I am incredibly lax
May 08, 2007Lots of money
May 04, 200709-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0
May 04, 2007A steaming crock of shit, please...
April 30, 2007Fun fooling with technology, and the moon
April 24, 2007Computery stuff and wabbit video
April 22, 2007Sometimes, things do work
April 20, 2007Lots of code and lots of crap
April 16, 2007Shots in the wind
April 12, 2007Mr. Mouse, round 9
April 11, 2007Rage, rabbits and AppleTV
April 07, 2007Silent
April 04, 2007The further adventures of Mr. Mouse
April 02, 2007Exciting tales of Mr. Mouse
March 28, 2007Dreams and driving and loudness
March 25, 2007It's all about sex
March 20, 2007Drink up, Shriners!
March 15, 2007A lot
March 08, 2007Fifty point six-five
March 06, 2007Scooter pies and oil
March 05, 2007You've got mail!
March 02, 2007Lots of money and lots of mouse entertainment
March 01, 2007Totaled
February 25, 2007No worry
February 20, 2007Ice and wabbits
February 16, 2007Ice
February 12, 2007Purchasing
February 07, 2007More awful things
February 06, 2007The second half
February 01, 2007I knew this once, now I know it again
January 29, 2007Losses
January 23, 2007Just to let you know I'm still here...
January 18, 2007Jeez, I need to sleep
January 15, 2007I am a Nazi
January 14, 2007A clean weekend
January 10, 2007A simple solution
January 08, 2007That was easy
January 04, 2007Random stuff
January 02, 2007A genuinely nice guy
January 01, 2007Much better
January 01, 2007Parades and football and fed up
December 29, 2006Saddam is dead.
December 29, 2006Back in the writing thing
December 25, 200625th
December 21, 2006Careful, this one's gross
December 21, 2006One of the lists
December 18, 2006My YouTube submission
December 15, 2006Your mailbox is empty
December 14, 2006Sometimes, the URL says everything
December 12, 2006Cheap plastic crap
December 06, 2006Some sleep, maybe
December 04, 2006Cleaning again
December 01, 2006I like George Winston, but only a couple of tracks, and this is one.
November 27, 2006OK, I'm back
November 19, 2006...or not.
November 17, 2006It's over
November 14, 2006You're fired!
November 13, 2006A long weekend
November 08, 2006The day after
November 06, 2006Almost the day
November 03, 2006I'm out here, writing to you
November 02, 2006They'll be unemployed soon
November 01, 2006Yeah, I have a toxic customer
October 30, 2006Five-pound box of money
October 27, 2006Just plant soybeans
October 25, 2006Adventures in spam
October 23, 2006What about religion?
October 19, 2006"Oh, no, it's not going to be another Viet Nam."
October 17, 2006The stupidest of the day
October 16, 2006A weekend of nothing
October 12, 2006Zombie!
October 11, 2006Time to divest
October 10, 2006Hot for teacher
October 09, 2006Not even enough energy
October 06, 2006Rain and stuff
October 04, 2006Those wascal wepublicans!
October 04, 2006I hate her
October 03, 2006Cthulhu egg coveting
October 02, 2006Wabbits and deer
September 26, 2006Toxic waste disposal
September 25, 2006A public health warning
September 24, 2006Balance balances out
September 22, 2006People who misuse work email
September 20, 2006Bring back the nylons
September 18, 2006The whole horse
September 16, 2006Fixing stuff and getting fixed
September 13, 2006Lots of bullets
September 09, 2006Travel, and a MicroRant
September 07, 2006Happy berfday-to-ME
September 05, 2006You young kids!
September 04, 2006Sony no longer sucks, and New York doesn't, either
September 01, 2006Great taste! That's what mice like!
August 30, 2006I hate that stuff
August 28, 2006Knee-highs suck
August 27, 2006Is she really goin' out with him?
August 24, 2006I'll figure it out
August 23, 2006Whoosh
August 22, 2006Fuck you all
August 20, 2006More jerky
August 19, 2006Today's adventures
August 18, 2006One
August 17, 2006Age
August 16, 2006Jerky
August 14, 2006No brakes
August 11, 2006Chester's film
August 11, 2006Out too late
August 09, 2006A lotta shit in there...
August 08, 2006Orange
August 07, 2006Detached but interesting weekend
August 03, 2006Amazing mileage and avoiding scrutiny by old ladies
August 02, 2006Hotness
July 31, 2006No train wrecks for me!
July 26, 2006If only
July 23, 2006N... F... no flinching at all.
July 20, 2006Real estate crap
July 19, 2006Forward and backward
July 19, 2006I have a new car and a wacky girlfriend
July 17, 2006The weekend of sun
July 14, 2006Deliberately feeling like crap
July 12, 2006Horny dreams, diesels and identity
July 12, 2006Syd Barrett, 1946-2006
July 10, 2006Fuck, fuck, fuck...
July 09, 2006Frustration about distance
July 06, 2006No sheep allowed
July 04, 2006Repaint them
July 03, 2006A challenge for you
July 02, 2006She should know, and dog vomit
June 28, 2006To rest
June 27, 2006My kitten is gone
June 26, 2006Today is... a soaker
June 24, 2006She's here
June 23, 2006Muscle and blood
June 22, 2006Boy, she makes my day sometimes
June 21, 2006Everything breaks
June 19, 2006-
June 15, 2006Playing with toys of all kinds
June 12, 2006My weekend
June 08, 2006Maybe I should ask her
June 06, 2006I went down to the crossroads
June 05, 2006I'll be impossible now
June 04, 2006And then it happens
June 02, 2006In motion
June 02, 2006The moment before
June 01, 2006Introduction
May 31, 2006Rain and the mystery woman
May 30, 2006The longest weekend
May 25, 2006Summer begins, sort of
May 23, 2006Multiplicity
May 21, 2006Back in Delaware
May 17, 2006History, English and Geography
May 15, 2006Yes, I still am one
May 15, 2006My motherfucking ass!
May 15, 2006Short rundown on my detoured Sunday
May 13, 2006Practicality
May 11, 2006Bed waves
May 11, 2006Randomology
May 09, 2006Interview clothes
May 08, 2006Are we?
May 06, 2006Short entry
May 06, 2006OMFG
May 05, 2006E*Turd
May 04, 2006Waste a week, waste an hour, what's the difference?
May 04, 2006Voicemail and the passage of time and fathers
May 02, 2006Not even thunder
May 01, 2006Get yours now!
May 01, 2006Power, time and turkey
April 26, 2006I have some balls
April 25, 2006Neither a chewer nor a fly-catcher be
April 24, 2006That Gus...
April 23, 2006Unexpected events
April 22, 2006It's really, really quiet...
April 22, 2006To know
April 21, 2006Learning about money
April 20, 2006Largeness and tiredness
April 18, 2006The 14 questions that could make my life simpler
April 18, 2006Wrung out
April 17, 2006An hour, wasted
April 16, 2006I learn new network stuff all the time
April 16, 2006Champagne and Junior Mints
April 14, 2006Late-night impulses driven by bad wine
April 12, 2006Snots
April 11, 2006Join me for a shower
April 11, 2006Hello, it's me...
April 10, 2006The night's adventures
April 08, 2006Saying it a lot lately
April 06, 2006Pretty good today
April 05, 2006Solutions and the people who pop them out of their asses
April 05, 2006You gotta love a woman who puts reindeer butts on the web
April 04, 2006Let's do it all again
April 04, 2006No tornadoes
April 03, 2006Possum poop!
April 03, 2006Save on long distance!
April 02, 2006Doritos, just in case
April 01, 2006Hiding little secrets
March 31, 2006Balls on parade
March 30, 2006Some of you will hate this
March 29, 2006Cat balls!
March 28, 2006They're like tribbles
March 27, 2006Blooming
March 26, 2006Goldfish
March 25, 2006See you around
March 25, 2006Martha, more than three and a half years later
March 23, 2006Not a canary
March 22, 2006It was dreadful
March 22, 2006We'll see about that
March 21, 2006Crackly crunch
March 20, 2006Sushi matchup and moron cats
March 20, 2006Professionals
March 18, 2006Cows, cats, ribs and marriage
March 18, 2006She was
March 15, 2006Reminding me
March 14, 2006Get it while it's hot
March 13, 2006Choking
March 12, 2006Move on
March 11, 2006Put water in the pan
March 11, 2006Not my fault
March 10, 2006Coal dust on my parts
March 09, 2006Blowing your wad
March 07, 2006Too late and a dollar short
March 06, 2006Tico Tico
March 06, 2006Before they made up the word "blog"
March 05, 2006Emotional arson
March 05, 2006I knew
March 02, 2006Fate has found me out
March 01, 2006Chapter 221, in which I beat myself up very, very thoroughly
February 28, 2006With the lights on
February 27, 2006No one you know has ever said this
February 26, 2006Good things and maybe-good things
February 24, 2006Phone home!
February 23, 2006Never with Melody, always with rhythm...
February 21, 2006The rundown you've been waiting for (or not)
February 18, 2006And just when I thought things had settled down...
February 16, 2006Your job
February 16, 2006Going home to check the roof
February 15, 2006I am not Edgar Cayce by any means
February 15, 2006Past the edge
February 12, 2006Chewed gum
February 12, 2006Snow flashbacks
February 10, 2006I've been holding out on you
February 08, 2006Adventures in time analysis
February 07, 2006My letter to Alison
February 05, 2006As long as I still have bleach
February 03, 2006A little longer
February 03, 2006You love me?
February 01, 2006Cleaning and sickness
February 01, 2006It's kinda important that they're not married
January 30, 2006Cleanup crew
January 29, 2006The iBook is sick
January 28, 2006Where's the manual?
January 27, 2006Past it now
January 26, 2006I'm not gone, really
January 21, 2006On the road - St. George, SC
January 19, 2006A new girl
January 17, 2006Discord in hair expectations
January 15, 2006Throw
January 15, 2006I had a farm in Africa
January 14, 2006The island
January 13, 2006Cats and hair - adoption help needed!
January 13, 2006I am
January 11, 2006Reversal of the stuff
January 10, 2006Free stuff can't go to waste
January 09, 2006Inside the mind
January 08, 2006Time to think
January 06, 2006Quoting Jim Croce
January 05, 2006Email styles of women
January 05, 2006I want, and she could
January 04, 2006Mr. Whipple, you rock ass
January 03, 2006Not cut off
January 02, 2006You already know
January 01, 2006Abs, and obsession
January 01, 2006I was mostly right
December 30, 2005The honorable me
December 30, 2005I am better
December 29, 2005Barbecue
December 28, 2005Under further review
December 27, 2005Margaret returns to domestic life
December 26, 2005Returning home (MY home)
December 25, 2005Feeling amazingly huge
December 25, 2005Move ZIG
December 24, 2005Mele kalaeikimaka
December 23, 2005Lardasses
December 22, 2005Lugs. Stupid fucking lugs.
December 21, 2005Margaretpork
December 21, 2005Ah...
December 20, 2005The one I loved so well
December 19, 2005Remembering birthdays
December 18, 2005I need your help! Survey time...
December 18, 2005Dangerously cheesy
December 17, 2005Dangling
December 16, 2005Taxes and ice
December 15, 2005Sucking hugely
December 13, 2005Talking 101
December 13, 2005Writing and speaking
December 12, 2005I am starting to really worry about me
December 11, 2005Hold your head up
December 09, 2005Orange Crush
December 09, 2005The White Stuff
December 08, 2005Up and down
December 06, 2005Euphoria, sneezing, and things I notice about women
December 05, 2005People vanish
December 05, 2005Give me a BMT with everything
December 04, 2005Goodyear, the world leader in blimps
December 03, 2005Friends
December 03, 2005To see how it turns out
December 02, 2005Miranda returns
December 01, 2005Be glad
November 29, 2005Grrrr...
November 28, 2005Not yet
November 27, 2005The second date test: PASS
November 25, 2005Fierce
November 24, 2005Screw this "turkey" thing! (on the road from Sandusky, Ohio)
November 24, 2005Let's not stop going (on the road in Ohio)
November 23, 2005We're off on the road to Morocco...
November 22, 2005No one escapes the Black Hole!
November 21, 2005All... wound... UP???
November 20, 2005Not for lack of concern
November 19, 2005It didn't show up
November 18, 2005I laugh, and I ogle
November 18, 2005Some things really work, and others... don't
November 17, 2005Best of luck
November 17, 2005The truly nice ones...
November 16, 2005Somebody to wake me up
November 15, 2005Getting out of the hole
November 15, 2005Asking for little things
November 13, 2005Nerf
November 11, 2005Some of us like it
November 10, 2005Not for first dates!
November 08, 2005Evil, evil
November 06, 2005Non-profit people
November 04, 2005133
November 02, 2005Pulling out of the dive
November 02, 2005Are you?
November 01, 2005Not for the Beltwaybahnen
October 28, 2005Tires, trees, and dog shit
October 27, 2005Where have you gone, Bobby Haldeman?
October 26, 2005Your tax dollars at work
October 25, 2005Small bird on the kitchen floor
October 23, 2005Something I noticed tonight
October 21, 2005I killed her
October 21, 2005In my bed, sediment
October 20, 2005Things just jump out at you sometimes
October 18, 2005Very hard to hope now
October 18, 2005Argh
October 16, 2005How hard should this be?
October 14, 2005In waking hours
October 13, 2005Misery guest, sign in, please!
October 13, 2005A place
October 12, 2005I thought they'd eaten them
October 11, 2005Minor drawback
October 11, 2005Cheese
October 10, 2005Alterna-chicks. Argh.
October 09, 2005Mercurial rain
October 06, 2005Cast your fate to the wind
October 05, 2005Les Paul is not getting younger
October 04, 2005It's Just A Hazard
October 03, 2005I bet Earthlink doesn't have these problems
October 03, 2005Not
October 01, 2005You kitten!
September 30, 2005War On The Stupid, a rerun from 1999
September 27, 2005Nothing turns a woman off
September 27, 2005My eyes are green
September 25, 2005Porn: not evil, just boring
September 25, 2005Size and time
September 24, 2005No job interview
September 23, 2005Horrible self-consciousness, and a zillion hits
September 22, 2005My Role in the Beer Looter Dude meme
September 21, 2005Pretty damn handy
September 20, 2005Nefarious inventions that threaten our very society
September 19, 2005Choking
September 18, 2005Double reed. Yes,
September 18, 2005Cleaning everything
September 17, 2005I finally got my hug
September 15, 2005Changing in the car
September 15, 2005Long talk the way I like it
September 14, 2005Yellow lawn tractor
September 13, 2005This old cracker's land
September 12, 2005Addicted
September 10, 2005Face the face
September 09, 2005My WHAT?
September 08, 2005Out there somewhere
September 08, 2005Post-birthday review
September 06, 2005Strange realization about my DL readership
September 05, 2005Shedding
September 04, 2005Leftovers
September 04, 2005Cat toes as an internet hazard
September 02, 2005Not in weeks
September 01, 2005Breakdown of society
September 01, 2005Major Strasser has been shot
August 31, 2005This is gigantic, just gigantic
August 30, 2005I need someone to...
August 29, 2005Reconsidering Corelle
August 29, 2005Five
August 28, 2005Not Maryland, not even close
August 27, 2005-
August 26, 2005Clapping
August 25, 2005Take this short test
August 23, 2005Advice from your cat's dentist
August 22, 2005Waiting
August 22, 2005Things you will only hear in Maryland (part 1)
August 21, 2005Getting wet about Apple
August 19, 2005My small role in the Bill Knapp's bankruptcy
August 18, 2005Fooling with your PSP and fooling with their system
August 17, 2005An oldie-but-goodie
August 17, 2005Moving along
August 14, 2005I don't even know the words to it!
August 13, 2005Fuck this
August 11, 2005We suck
August 10, 2005Well, it's down to the wire
August 09, 2005Change in the winds
August 08, 2005Warning stickers on your expectations
August 07, 2005Setting the timer
August 05, 2005A minor triumph
August 05, 2005The possibility of nothing
August 03, 2005Suckage
August 02, 2005Maxed out
August 01, 2005Snowdrifts and dimwits
July 31, 2005No nightmares, yet...
July 28, 2005His real job, and a recap of last night
July 27, 2005She really did call
July 26, 2005So that's where they hide
July 24, 2005Deer and people who act like them
July 22, 2005Hot
July 21, 2005An exercise in destruction
July 20, 2005To the moon
July 17, 2005Reunification
July 10, 2005Three out of four, baby!
July 07, 2005Jeez, I hate him...
July 06, 2005"Fix the cigarette lighter"
July 06, 2005More reunionism
July 05, 2005Nine years ago today
July 03, 2005New Castle, Delaware
June 30, 2005Here's a business opportunity for somebody
June 29, 2005"...and the judge wasn't gonna look at the 27 8x10 color pictures..."
June 27, 2005"I put that envelope under the half-a-ton of garbage..."
June 26, 2005Space in one's life
June 22, 2005Grumpy for no damn reason
June 21, 2005Hatred for produce
June 21, 2005Talk
June 20, 2005Selling the miles on eBay
June 20, 2005Stuck
June 19, 2005You knew it had to happen eventually, right?
June 17, 2005Digging for change
June 16, 2005Claws and bad opera
June 15, 2005Is anyone really dating anymore?
June 14, 2005Dining is always a pleasure with cramps
June 14, 2005Note for my next life
June 13, 2005Life at 78rpm
June 10, 2005The weight
June 09, 2005Going on
June 08, 2005Little black dress
June 07, 2005Martyrs suck
June 06, 2005The big reset button
June 02, 2005Pinkness
May 31, 2005Mom's network, and I visit another planet
May 27, 2005Karmic balance in the barn
May 23, 2005If you're ever in Luray, VA...
May 19, 2005I need to not go looking
May 16, 2005People are different
May 13, 2005Mundane stuff
May 12, 2005What are the odds?
May 10, 2005Moo
May 03, 2005Deaf
April 21, 2005Chapter 453, in which I am a hardass
April 18, 2005Calves have reappeared, and the PSP
April 05, 2005Everybody's safe
March 31, 2005I wish I could
March 31, 2005Sick and tired
March 22, 2005Charlie Parker... forgive me
March 22, 2005I hope I die before I get old...
March 14, 2005Nuke Mississippi!
March 13, 2005She said she'd never forgive me...
March 11, 2005She doesn't know
March 02, 2005Backstory and bullshit
March 01, 2005The story begins again
January 13, 2005Remembrance
December 20, 2004Chapter 272, In Which I Become "One Of Those Guys"
December 09, 2004Getting off track
December 03, 2004I miss
November 30, 2004Talking about Malcolm
November 30, 2004Or not
November 26, 2004The end.
November 22, 2004Not Richie and Potsie
November 19, 2004I need more than four cents and a Tootsie Roll
November 17, 2004Sailing
November 16, 2004Purple rain
November 15, 2004"Come on, take a walk with me baby, tell me who do you hate?"
November 12, 2004Dressing up for Home Depot
November 09, 2004A followup to yesterday, and social news
November 08, 2004Cows Ate My Marigolds
November 05, 2004Jesocracy (or, "in which I invent a new word")
November 05, 2004Some predictions
November 03, 200420 years later
November 01, 2004I have learned something again
October 30, 2004Many pains
October 28, 2004Chewy on the outside, with a liquid center
October 26, 2004iPod as oracle
October 25, 2004"She gave me a pen."
October 23, 2004Removal
October 22, 2004Sort of like my own private flu vaccine, and you can't have any
October 21, 2004What're ya eating, boy?
October 20, 2004Voicemail
October 18, 2004Phasers
October 15, 2004Three points makes a vector
October 14, 2004"Not the hoooooooooooook...!"
October 13, 2004Total destruction
October 12, 2004Just flaming
October 07, 2004Free advice for online dating
October 04, 2004Fuck
October 04, 2004Still abundantly clueless
October 03, 2004Women: a public service announcement
September 29, 2004Oh, to work
September 22, 2004You can probably figure it out
September 20, 2004Pain in the ass
September 18, 2004The world is good
September 17, 2004This is no social crisis
September 17, 2004She knows I can, too.
September 11, 2004We give thanks
September 10, 2004Just off the top of my head... sixteen
September 07, 2004Things that count, and things that are counted
September 02, 2004Don't forget the pills
September 02, 2004Puzzlement
August 23, 2004Dating advice, whether you want it or not
August 18, 2004I guess I can understand...
August 12, 2004Stamp him out
August 10, 2004No commentary
August 06, 2004Grind
August 02, 2004The light goes on
July 29, 2004Damn lot of people writing these things
July 28, 2004Cate Edwards is hot. Vote for her dad.
July 27, 2004Bad dreams
July 21, 2004One more thing about the trip
July 19, 2004Paaaaaaaahp
July 15, 2004I was wrong, OK?
July 14, 2004One year
July 12, 2004I've seen it
July 07, 2004High Infidelity
July 06, 2004Sick of Bush already?
July 02, 2004The Fantasticks still makes me sad.
July 01, 2004Really responsible
June 29, 2004Free food and helicopters
June 28, 2004Fuck this
June 28, 2004Still have that twinge once in a while
June 25, 2004Firing them bozos
June 23, 2004I've been away
June 19, 2004Connected and impressed
June 15, 2004Mists
June 13, 2004The apology post (not)
June 09, 2004Techie stuff: NetFront 3.1 for Sony Clie UX series
June 08, 2004More background information
June 03, 2004Is it withdrawal?
June 02, 2004People wonder
June 01, 2004The melancholy path
May 28, 2004I have seen it
May 27, 2004Sickening, isn't it?
May 24, 2004Moving on
May 24, 2004Sick adas
May 19, 2004Dates
May 18, 2004I lost him
May 13, 2004I've been sick
May 10, 2004Reconnection
May 07, 2004Mono or stereo? Or surround?
May 06, 2004Sex addiction
May 05, 2004The inaudible signal
May 04, 2004The beat goes awnnnn...
May. 03, 2004My Diaryland Trading Card
May 02, 2004My house: don't fuck with it!
April 30, 2004Celebrating us-ness and brain cleavage
April 28, 2004Donna was right, again...
April 22, 2004Typing with one hand
April 21, 2004Good old outrageous sex(tm)
April 20, 2004Kaboom!
April 19, which bowling balls float
April 18, 2004Benjamin Pantier
April 14, 2004We... are the mushrooms, my friend...
April 12, 2004...and so it begins
April 11, 2004Breathing is good
April 09, 200417
April 06, 2004Am I too fat?
April 05, 2004Lawyers
April 05, 2004More options
April 02, 2004Yes, I have a heart
April 01, 2004I know why
March 31, 2004Ah, temptation...
March 30, 2004If my dog were green
March 29, 2004Cats and kittens
March 26, 2004Plan B -- don't leave home without it
March 26, 2004Surrounded
March 25, 2004Pathetic
March 24, 2004Hopes up again
March 21, 2004Crock of shit for brains
March 16, 2004Way too easy
March 15, 2004I was wrong
March 14, 2004Smoked ham
March 12, 2004Fuckin' alterna-chicks
March 11, 2004No schlock-song memory
March 07, 2004Nuthin' no mo'
March 04, 2004Not the sleep
March 02, 2004Born to love volcanoes
February 26, 2004Nylon and shitstorms
February 25, 2004Remember this
February 22, 2004Not going overboard
February 21, 2004No matter how much crap
February 19, 2004Adding the porches
February 18, 2004What to do?
February 16, 2004...or maybe not
February 12, 2004Old sweaters
February 09, 2004Old news and new news
February 09, 2004Apple loses one
February 09, 2004Out there
February 08, 2004Strange VD
February 07, 2004Convenience
February 05, 2004A new survey for you...
February 05, 2004Mystery injuries
February 04, 2004Stay back
January 19, 2004Vomit! It makes your teacher scream...*
January 15, 2004I invent a new word
January 13, 2004I lost a day somewhere
January 12, 2004Always curious
January 09, 2004Overclocking your prostate
January 08, 2004Teachers of Chinese bitches: PLEASE READ
January 08, 2004It's not that much to ask
January 06, 2004Tartiness wins again
January 01, 2004New Year's Sex and Segways

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